Dreamhost promo codes

What are they? Dreamhost, my current hosting provider offers a few rewards for referrals, which I can pass on to you. You may have heard about it earlier. If you register for a new hosting plan (the yearly plans are unbeatable, IMHO), you can enter a promo code to tell who referred you, which may provide additional discounts to you.

For example, if you register for their "smallest" yearly plan (200 GB storage, small, eh?), it will cost you $119.40. If you enter my promo code KEEP97, you can get it for $22.40 for the first year. That's $97 for you to keep this year. Monthly plans can't get this much discount, only the most expensive of them, which I couldn't really recommend paying monthly :) The promo codes basically gives a way to split $97 referral bonus between existing clients, you, and your hosting options, which may mean extra bandwidth, extra storage, extra domain registrations. I find using it all up for dollar discount provides the most value.

One thing to keep an eye out for: there are a bunch of people offering these discount codes, just like me. Make sure to check the sign up page detailing the price, some offer discounts which aren't. When you sign up, you'll see the description of the discount given by the promo code, and then the price you should pay. If you are given a $97 discount for a $119.40 plan, it says "$97 discount", and it still costs $119.40 instead of $22.40... You'll know someone plays games with your wallet, and don't accept the "offer". You won't be happy with the bill. You can also get your money back in the first 97 day (except if you used up your free domain registering), but then you can't go back being a "new" client.

So, go ahead and sign up, then enter KEEP97 as the promo code to make me your referrer, and keep $97 :)